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By debbiefout

My first ASOS money-saving post!

I have started this blog as an informative resource so that the general UK public are able to save money where they can when shopping at quite literally one of the best online fashion retailers in the world – I have been shopping there ever since it was knew and the fact that it has so many diehard loyal fans has helped it to grow into what it is today. And to be fair ASOS quite often reward us for it. There are always various different ways to get money off at ASOS and my aim is to keep posting the latest and best ways so that we can all save money on our ASOS purchases in order to save up and buy… you guessed it… more clothes and accessories from ASOS! 😛



Probably one of the easiest and most effective ways to save money on your purchases is to do a simple Google search for an ASOS voucher code. This should bring up a load of websites that have voucher codes for all kinds of companies, as well as a few blogs just like this one that are simply trying to spread the word about the best deals currently available on the Internet. By having a quick look around you should see most of these pages display some form of code that you can use at checkout when you finish your purchase online.

The tricky part is finding codes that will actually work when you go to enter them. Most of them tend to expire after a certain time to prevent people simply using them without keeping up to date with the different items that are available. So you have to be on your toes to get the latest ones that actually work. I found a good site that always seems to have active ones and it is… drum roll please…

Here >>>> ASOS voucher codes

After browsing the many different codes that come up all you need to do is choose the one that will save you the most money. Some of them say save £5 on your next shop, others say save 15% so be sure to work out which could save you most.

Don’t forget that ASOS always offer free delivery worldwide as well so simply buying from ASOS as opposed to directly from the brands themselves could save you an absolute fortune.

They also have a handy membership called Premier whereby you pay just £9.95 once a year and then all of your free delivery becomes free next day delivery – which is extremely hand when ordering those dresses or shoes for a Saturday night party at work on a Friday afternoon!

Another good way to save money is if you are a student with a valid NUS card. ASOS kindly offer 10% off to students which is an excellent way to get you spending. Just think for every £10 you spend you get £1 knocked off – you can’t beat that for value. It also works out handy if you have a student friend and it’s your Birthday or Christmas as you can simply hand your student friend a list with nothing but clothing and accessories from ASOS on it knowing that they will be able to redeem 10% your Birthday or Christmas present!

That’s all I can think of for now folks but I will be back with more money saving tips so we can all get more clothes and accessories for our money! TTFN!